Augentia Virtual Employee (AVE™)

Are you worried about the next big launch? Have a product ready but unclear of how to take it to market? Do you need a guided marketing expertise?

Using reliable virtual marketing expertise, best practice templates, cloud-based tools, and fluid co-creation methods, Augentia Virtual Employee™ engagements helps accelerate, strengthen, and achieve your marketing goals while saving a minimum 30% of your marketing expenses.

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Managed Marketing Service

Employee as a Service (EAAS)

Are you overwhelmed by marketing activities? Are you always on your toes and facing bandwidth issues? Do you need marketing assistance immediately?

EAAS brings marketers on demand, to manage routine marketing programs, or to fill a specific skill gap. We have marketers available on full-time or part-time basis, as per your needs. This unique model dramatically simplifies and eases the marketing staff augmentation process, with no interviews and selection hassles, pay as you go flexibility, and at half the prices compared to traditional providers.

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Marketing as a Service (MAAS)

Marketers often hear statements such as “What is the marketing impact?” and “Marketing is highly intangible”, in the corporate corridors. You are a part of the marketing community that operates under high stress and low bandwidth. The need to focus on tangible marketing outcome, within predictable budgets, is key for your success.

Your marketing projects such as research, competition analysis, digital marketing and customer need analysis, can be well defined and managed under outcome-based MAAS engagement. By defining clear scope and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure marketing outcomes, you can improve return on marketing investment (ROMI) that eases the increasing cost pressures on your marketing teams.

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Campaign As A Service (CAAS)

Marketing campaigns have become highly data-driven, with the need of latest technologies and skillsets. However, the technologies to execute campaigns are either very expensive or complex to run targeted campaigns. Marketers lose sight of the overall campaign objective, while trying to cope up with multitudes of activities.

Augentia’s Campaign as a Service (CAAS) offers a platform that defines & orchestrates technology enabled campaigns by experienced marketers, resulting in predictable outcomes. Whatever may be your campaign objective, be it Demand Generation, Awareness, Surveys, Product Launches, Sales Promotions or Event Registrations, CAAS runs integrated digital campaigns to achieve the desired results, using channels such as Email, Social Media, Mobile SMS and Online Ads.

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Practice Areas

Choose from a gamut of marketing practices

Thought Leadership: Illuminati

One’s insight can end thousands’ reinventing



Organizations and senior executives need to develop relationships with stakeholders – prospects, employees, partners or industry peers. Thought Leadership is an effective way to connect with the stakeholders for long term success and sustenance.

Today, your audience is fed up of hearing sales pitches and are starving for deeper insights that help solve a problem, or gain a business edge. Multiple research articles confirm the criticality of thought leadership insights during the buying process. Rise of digital era has also contributed to this phenomenon.

Augentia’s Thought Leadership program: Illuminati, enables organizations and senior business executives to uncover the insights, express them in various forms viz., articles, press releases, white papers, speeches and promote them in relevant forums.

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Augentia professionals have more than hundred man-years of marketing experience in launching products, executing campaigns, enabling sales, managing multiple channels, digital marketing and alliance management for small scale to multi-billion dollar enterprises worldwide. Our co-founders are Chartered Marketers in CIM, UK, certified in PRTM PAC processes for product management, Hubspot Inbound certified and acclaimed speakers in industry bodies such as FICCI and IPMA.

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