About Us

Augentia professionals have more than hundred man-years of marketing experience in launching products, executing campaigns, enabling sales, managing multiple channels, digital marketing and alliance management for small scale to multi-billion dollar enterprises worldwide.

Our Dream

is to better the way we consume, and get consumed

Consumption cycle

Humans consume goods and services produced by organizations. Organizations create goods and services by consuming human resources. In brief, we consume, and get consumed.

Marketing Revisited

“Marketing as the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit” – Philip Kotler

Marketing function is about serving the consumers of what they need. Though In reality it is a contradictory story.

Marketing needs to go back to the basics of delivering what the consumers need, and organizations to unleash marketers towards this goal.

Current Reality

Statements such as “I am as good as my last quarter”, “What is the marketing impact?” and “Marketing is highly intangible” are often heard in the corporate corridors. Reduced bandwidth, coupled with urgent demands create a stressful situation and forces marketers to run intrusive campaigns and lose strategic focus.

As a result, consumers complain about unsolicited calls landing at their dinner table, and irrelevant messages flooding their mailboxes.

Our dream is to change this state of consumption in organizations and among consumers.

Our Model

At Augentia we share a passion for marketing, and commitment to deliver great customer experience.

We believe by augmenting marketer’s bandwidth, backed by a co-creation model and modern cloud technologies, we can build and nurture a healthy marketing environment that delivers excellence consistently.

This will enable consumers to consume naturally, and marketers being celebrated in organizations.

Let’s celebrate marketing as an applied science and practiced art

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