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Our advisors are highly accomplished in their respective domain areas of marketing, entrepreneurship and leadership coaching. They provide us with the required guidance and strategic direction, needed to manage and scale Augentia.

Our Advisors

Mark Mueller-Eberstein

Mark is an internationally renowned business leader, entrepreneur, consultant, best-selling author, and professor. Using a cross-functional and international approach, he helps current and future leaders align their business and technology strategies, and leverage opportunities.

Having worked in technology leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies, including Hewlett Packard and Microsoft, Mark has more than 15 years of experience in the information technology industry. He has worked with companies and governments around the world to choose, adopt, roll-out, and measure the impact of new technologies.

Mark is fascinated by the dynamic between the human and technical factors that positively impact business operations, and he has advised business leaders on these topics for over a decade. He has become one of the world’s leading experts on how businesses can leverage key technology trends to drive a competitive advantage.

Mark is the author of "Agility: Competing and Winning in the Tech-Savvy Marketplace", a best-selling book about how technology and organizational agility impacts business performance and can become a critical success factor. The book (one of Amazon’s "Top 20 for Business Decision Makers") features international case studies from various industries with over 15,000 customer profiles, and is the ultimate guide to help a company succeed in today’s challenging economic environment, and in the future. Mark is a popular professor at the Rutgers University Center for Management Development, where he teaches and coaches executives on digital marketing, change management, leadership, and technology as a factor for business success and transformation. He received his Master of Business Administration from the University of Technology in Berlin, and also studied at the University of Marburg.

Shoaib Ahmed

Shoaib is a fellow member of iSPIRT (Indian Software Products Industry Round Table), the think tank of the India software product businesses that is set to transform India into a hub for new generation software products, address government policy, create market catalysts and grow the maturity of product entrepreneurs. Shoaib is also leading the iSMB (joint product marketing) program in its effort to drive technology adoption among small and medium businesses (SMB).

He has the unique ability to understand customer needs, create products and sell at scale. As a Founder Director of Vedha Automations, he created the market-leading retail business solution, Shoper. Being an entrepreneur with instinctive ability to inspire and lead people through confidence, logic and fair play, he led the successful merger of Vedha & Tally. He managed the transition of the team and the retail domain expertise to Tally.

Shoaib Ahmed is an Arts and Law graduate and an alumnus of St. Joseph's College in Bangalore and completed a post graduate programme on Strategic Management from IIM - Calcutta.

Shoaib Ahmed is an avid traveler, loves to play tennis and is learning to play the Tabla. He's a part of Indian Angel Network and is actively mentoring start-ups. He is a member of the regional council of NASSCOM.

Mark Kusionowicz

Mark Kusionowicz has an extensive experience of Marketing and Business Development in the technology sector, especially for Software and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions suppliers. For 5 years immediately prior to forming Go2Markit Consulting Limited Mark held the position of Marketing Director for The Logic Group, a provider of payment processing and loyalty management solutions for major brands in the Retail, Financial, Telecommunications, Transport and Hospitality industries at which Mark was responsible for driving a rebranding, positioning and solution development programme following the merger of 3 companies in the group plus the introduction of new lifecycle management, demand generation and pipeline creation processes.

Previous roles have included Solutions Marketing Director at BMC Software Inc, Vice-President of Marketing at HAL Knowledge Solutions, and International Business Development Director at MQSoftware Inc. At Candle Corporation Mark was brought in as Solutions Director to take a ‘twinkle in the eye’ of an architect, turn it into a product and take it to market – 12 months later ‘Roma’ was launched which Gartner Group’s Roy Schulte later described as the first ever ‘Enterprise Service Bus’ and which went on to earn Candle 10’s of millions of dollars per year within 3 years.

Mark’s particular expertise is in formulating and executing positioning strategies, solution development and go-to-market plans, combining an understanding of technology and business requirements along with strategic focus to define, promote and create demand for market leading value propositions. These skills are informed from experience of roles in sales and product development as well as marketing.

Mark is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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