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Augentia is a pioneering effort to provide simple and flexible marketing services, with a customized touch by our experts, through the cloud. Agile and iterative, our service portfolio and engagement model caters to the dynamic needs of our clients.

"Power your marketing efforts"

Are you worried about the next big launch? Have a product ready but unclear of how to take it to market? Do you need a guided marketing expertise?

Using reliable virtual marketing expertise, best practice templates, cloud-based marketing tools, and fluid co-creation methods, Augentia Virtual Employeeâ„¢ engagements helps accelerate, strengthen, and achieve your marketing goals.

Co-create with assured Managed Marketing Service

Traditionally, marketing services are either completely outsourced to an agency or executed internally with staff augmentation. In both these extremes, as marketers, you either lose control or compromise on your management bandwidth.

With AVE™ engagements, you stay involved, co-create and monitor the process at every stage. Co-creation is enabled through marketing automation tools on cloud, pre-configured with, templates that gives you control, while maintaining a healthy balance on your bandwidth.

Highly suitable for planning and executing critical marketing projects such as product launch, campaigns, management reviews, customer focus groups and so on, AVE™ not only relieves your busy schedules, but also is easy on your budgets.

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Marketing Experience

A Guided Marketing Experience

The Augentia team has over hundred man-years of experience in leading and executing marketing strategies and tactics. We capture these experiences and share best practices through the templates, giving a head start to your critical projects.

Augentia Virtual Employees are equipped with these specialized marketing apps and templates to enrich the engagement while focusing on outcomes. Deliveries are well orchestrated and managed with fluid marketing techniques that smoothen your journey to reach critical milestones.

Easy on your Budgets

When you enroll an AVE for your marketing needs, your potential savings start at 30%, compared to traditional marketing costs. We offer a flexible, pay-as-you-go model that allows you to switch services during the course of engagement, as your needs evolve.

The benefits you receive in the AVE services with the best of marketer resources and latest marketing tools and templates, far outweigh the costs. This sweetens the deal of already attractive prices, thereby delivering the lowest total cost of ownerships (TCO).

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