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Modern Marketing – A Jugglery !

As sun sets on the horizon and curtains fall on my busy schedule,  I realise that this has been another day attempting to find answers to those perennial marketing questions – How is the campaign performing? What are the new avenues to target customers? Is the messaging right? Are the vendors on track with their deliverables? Are metrics that we track really insightful? And yes, here comes another tool and technology that I need to understand and get trained.

The life of the modern marketer has become a continuous juggling spree, managing multiple aspects with adept physical and mental skill sets, while trying to remain sane in this dynamic, ever changing and confusing world. As we take time to make sense of our surroundings, things change. Are we as marketing human beings always in a catch-up mode? What are those key forces that are impacting the current marketing world? And how can we overcome the fears to tackle these forces?