Illuminati: Thought Leadership Services

As an organization or a senior executive, you need to develop relationships with your stakeholders – prospects, employees, partners or industry peers. Thought Leadership (TL) is an effective way to connect with the stakeholders for long term success and sustenance.

“Tangible outcomes to Thought Leadership delivery”

Strategy to Execution

Our Thought Leadership program encompasses end-end activities, from creating and rolling out thought leadership program, to articulation, and promotion. We, not only, help in strategizing the program, but also actively participate in content creation and marketing.

Leadership Assets

When partnering with Augentia for your thought leadership program, you should expect a comprehensive set of deliverables and outcomes. The tangible delivery includes,

  • • Leader Microsite that hosts thought leadership articles, blogs, and news
  • • Branded social media pages, for Thought Leaders
  • • Exclusive Youtube channel to broadcast videos, and speech recordings
  • • Library of published work

Become an iconic brand, and expand your influence

Thought leadership assets are created and delivered to the right audience, in a periodic manner. Consumption of these assets can be tracked with marketing cloud tools and analyzed for deeper engagements. Themes that have maximum uptake can be expanded and extended for further roll-outs.

Our partnerships with leading journals and magazines help in reaching out of your thought leadership program, to the right audience. Sponsored materials can be delivered through a medium of choice, and at the scale you prefer. The program has the ultimate flexibility to start small and grow exponentially over a time.

Rollout your Thought Leadership Program