Our Services

Augentia is a pioneering effort to provide simple and flexible marketing services, with a customized touch by our experts, through the cloud. Agile and iterative, our service portfolio and engagement model caters to the dynamic needs of our clients.

"On-demand Marketers, with just a click"

Are you overwhelmed by marketing activities? Are you always on your toes and facing bandwidth issues? Do you need marketing assistance immediately?

EAAS brings marketers on demand, to manage routine marketing programs, or to fill a specific skill gap. We have marketers available on full-time or part-time basis, as per your needs. This unique model dramatically simplifies and eases the marketing staff augmentation process, with no interviews and selection hassles, pay as you go flexibility, and at half the prices compared to traditional providers.

Marketers in a pay-as-you-go virtual service

Enhance your marketing efforts with experienced marketers, program managers, product marketers, marketing analysts, UX experts, and digital marketers that are available on-demand in a pay-as you go model, for short-term or long-term engagements.

You, not only are freed from complex agreements and lock-in periods, but also have the flexibility to choose, engage, and then pay, as you consume their services. Cloud technologies enable our marketers to start the engagement instantly and provide quality service that is tracked with online timesheets.

Highly suitable for running day-to-day marketing programs, EAAS adds strength to your marketing efforts, in the simplest way.

QuickHire™: No more interviews & selection hassles

Typical to cloud services, the EAAS brings ’try and hire’ simplicity to your marketer roles. Simply state your role needs; get a marketer or program manager assigned, pre-selected by us for 40 hours, and try them for free. Once satisfied, continue to engage into a paid subscription period, without losing track of your projects. A unique opportunity to try before hiring!

The long selection procedures, and the hassles of attrition that you have experienced with traditional providers, are carefully eliminated with our EAAS engagements. Our focus is to ensure you get the right marketer to continue with your projects, almost instantly, through the QuickHire process.

Halve your budgets

EAAS model helps reduce your marketing spend by 50% due to the virtual marketing engagement that leverages the cloud technologies. Professionals having global marketing experience across industries are available at attractive prices, to satisfy your needs.

Getting started is simple. Click and state your needs.