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Augentia is a pioneering effort to provide simple and flexible marketing services, with a customized touch by our experts, through the cloud. Agile and iterative, our service portfolio and engagement model caters to the dynamic needs of our clients.

"Your marketing projects. Delivered."

Marketers often hear statements such as “What is the marketing impact?” and “Marketing is highly intangible”, in the corporate corridors. You are a part of the marketing community that operates under high stress and low bandwidth. The need to focus on tangible marketing outcome, within predictable budgets, is key for your success.

Your marketing projects such as research, competition analysis, digital marketing and customer need analysis, can be well defined and managed under outcome-based MAAS engagement. By defining clear scope and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure marketing outcomes, you can improve return on marketing investment (ROMI) that eases the increasing cost pressures on your marketing teams.

Focus on Execution

You can focus on your core priorities, while we execute on your marketing outcomes. Whether you need to build that product website, or write a blog, or devise a content marketing plan, our MAAS engagement works well within the timelines and costs. Clear milestones, cloud convenient iterations, and a well-documented feedback mechanism, gives you the peace of mind needed for execution.

A great fit for marketing projects, and repetitive tasks, Marketing as a Service (MAAS) ensures clear and measurable outcomes. An agile marketing delivery approach is adopted to engage in an iterative manner with your teams.

Test Drive: Swift and Fluid marketing services

Our fluid & flexible engagement gives you the option to test the waters with a professional pilot. As a cloud marketing service, MAAS brings ‘pilot and engage’ to test market, validate assumptions, before expanding on big bang investments.

Challenges you faced with traditional marketing agencies that operate with rigid schedules, timelines and cost escalations, are mitigated in MAAS engagements. The cloud-enabled quick connects, balanced iterations, and flexible approach enables the pilot to identify scale parameters and help smooth sailing for your high value marketing projects.

Predictable Return on Marketing Spend

Get going with three simple steps - Scope your marketing outcome, Refer our standard catalogue for price estimates, and quick start a MAAS project. Flexible switching options available between project based MAAS services and role based AVE™ / EAAS services, gives you the choice, as your needs evolve.

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