Virtual Marketing Center

Our virtual marketing center, based out of India, is the heart of Augentia operations. It houses seasoned marketers, backed by high-tech environment and proven processes, to render services to our clients worldwide. The VMC enables services delivery, and provides a framework to offer innovative packaged marketing practices that contributes to your business growth. Scaling up or down your marketing intensity, depending on your business needs and budgets, has never been so easy!

"Latest tools for co-creation, collaboration and analysis"

Marketing technologies are changing the way the function works. Worldwide, marketers are going through a transition from guesswork to following a data-driven scientific approach. Advances in the technology has created the potential to disrupt the marketing services business, and helps to scale high.

Marketing Automation: The core technology

Map your customer journey, and track it effectively, with the marketing automation technologies. Our marketers can either operate our in-house marketing automation tools or the ones provisioned by our clients.

They organize campaigns, execute digital communications, and track the web & social experience – on behalf of our clients.

Our resources are trained and certified in leading marketing automation tools such as Eloqua, Hubspot, Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Planning & Program Management tools

Our marketers develop marketing plans for our clients, and break it down into activities & tasks for easy and focused monitoring. The cloud based program management tool enables our clients to track tasks performed by our marketers, and interact with them over on-platform chat and IP telephony. The time tracking facility in the cloud tools help in managing productivity and efficiency.

Marketing Analytics tools: Data-driven marketing

Effectiveness of marketing programs are tracked on real-time, and act as guiding force for our marketers and clients. The killer combination of marketing automation with analytics tools and Return on Marketing Investments (ROMI) framework, increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing organization.

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