Our Practice Areas

Augentia redefines end to end marketing practice cycle in a dynamic manner and maps it to agile realities. We have deep domain expertise in the marketing areas that are of topmost concerns to marketers worldwide. Our marketing professionals, technologists, consultants & creative teams provide a strategic perspective, for the modern tech-savvy marketers.

Track the Buyer’s Journey

Our Marketing Automation (MA) practice covers a whole gamut of services, across B2B / B2C / G2C / G2G domains
Evaluation of right MA platform
Implementing MA as per your needs
• On-job handholding to your marketers
Campaign on-demand services
Progressive adoption as your needs change

We are with you across the entire life-cycle of marketing automation adoption, and to enable buyer engagement!

Customer & Competitor analysis

Monitor the changing customer requirements and the moving competition landscape to strengthen your marketing efforts.

A set of secondary data points tracked periodically and triangulated with your sales force realities adds new dimensions to marketing analytics and insights. Our Virtual Marketing Center (VMC) is equipped to man your war rooms, analyze win-loss reports and refine the battle-cards to counter your competition, real time.

Data Driven Marketing & ROI

Identify areas, products, channels, and campaigns that gives maximum returns on marketing investments. Manage the growing size of marketing data, variety of formats and types that are fast paced from multiple sources.

Get equipped with the right marketing automation and analytics tools, platforms and the relevant domain expertise to analyze and gain insights. Establish ROMI models, organize data, perform periodic analysis & reporting to stakeholders in an automated way.

Marketing Planning

Write quick plans in an iterative and collaborative manner using our cloud based tools. Opportunity to forecast and estimate the risks strengthens your marketing plans.
Present your plans in an effective manner with
Augentia StratArt, your strategy snapshot
• Augentia Marketing plan, GTM plans
• CXOs / Investor presentations

Brand Positioning & Messaging

Define and articulate your marketing messages through Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning (STP) process that delivers:
• Effective messages
• Clear value propositions
• Key differentiators of your products and services
We have extensive experience in positioning and the more challenging re-positioning exercises.

Content Marketing

Create & distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain customers.
Plan & execute content strategies
• Best practices in content planning
Integrate content in marketing mix
Content for marketing and sales collaterals
Consistent content is key for integrated marketing and communication (IMC).

Ideation to concept

Co-create and record ideas with different techniques such as Bran-write, brainstorm, Eureka seeker, and the idea playground.
Process of innovation will be introduced to simulate & quantify financial projections resulting in validation of product/services concepts.

Launch Management

Take the steps that lead to product/ services success
• Robust business case
Market Requirement Document (MRD)
• Clear Marketing mix
• Strong value propositions
Templates to manage launch process
Launch program management

Products/Services Pricing

Pricing your products right is a critical process in monetizing your products. Our expertise in simpler licensing, pricing models, and product roadmaps can be leveraged for your product success.
Awareness among your target audience on your unique proposition is key. We can assist in sales enablement, including training of licensing programs to sales persons.

Campaigns & Programs

With Augentia’s Campaign As A Service (CAAS) platform, plan your campaigns, track progress & manage course corrections using our cloud tools.
You can
• Focus on Results
• Be Data Driven
• Get Advice to Action
Plan Your Campaign

Digital Presence

Define and monitor your customers’ web journey and engage in apt digital strategies.
Augentia can develop multi-device websites, organize and conduct webinars & web events, optimize your search engine rankings (SEO) and build social communities (SMM). You can engage in eListening & track results on  web analytics.

Customer Experience

Activate your customer touch points. Define and track the customer satisfaction index (CSI).
Ensure your campaigns, channel programs, product user experience, support interactions– are mapped to your customer demographics and needs. Portray customer success stories and organize referral programs .

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