Illuminati: Thought Leadership Services

As an organization or a senior executive, you need to develop relationships with your stakeholders – prospects, employees, partners or industry peers. Thought Leadership (TL) is an effective way to connect with the stakeholders for long term success and sustenance.

“Simple yet structured approach to Thought Leadership”

Our approach to instil a Thought Leadership program in your organization comprises of the 3 significant steps,

Concept to Needs

To begin with, we understand your organization’s business priorities and evaluate existing assets, programs and their performance. Based on this understanding, we help uncover focus areas for thought leadership and also identify leaders in your organization who will contribute to the program on a sustainable basis. These leaders will primarily include senior executives from various business divisions and functions, and can be categorized as a creator/innovator, visionary or problem solver.

Insight to Content

In this phase, we have insightful discussions with the identified thought leaders to essentially pick their brains on the topics and themes of their interest within the focus areas. Well-prepared and structured interviews aid in capturing tacit knowledge and content creation. These discussions result initially in an editorial calendar and then, in an effective articulation of those concepts and ideas in various formats such as articles, speeches, presentations, points of view, blogs etc.

Adopt to Institutionalize

The success of any thought Leadership program lies in its continuity and subtle promotions. Over a timeframe, we perform benchmark studies on the various campaigns and programs to compare the effectiveness and imbibe best practices and learnings from other leaders and/or programs. The editorial calendar is also tracked and monitored for timely execution and delivery.

Sustainability is a key to any thought leadership program targeted to improve the company and individual brand. It’s a long tail and leader’s commitment is paramount. More often, leaders face issues related to bandwidth and articulation, resulting in sidelining this important activity. Our approach helps you overcome these challenges, by keeping the leader engagement crisp and short, while contributing to the overall business goals and objectives.

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