Virtual Marketing Center

Our virtual marketing center, based out of India, is the heart of Augentia operations. It houses seasoned marketers, backed by high-tech environment and proven processes, to render services to our clients worldwide. The VMC enables services delivery, and provides a framework to offer innovative packaged marketing practices that contributes to your business growth. Scaling up or down your marketing intensity, depending on your business needs and budgets, has never been so easy!

"Welcome to the VMC world"

The first of its kind, managed marketing services provider – Augentia, has designed it's VMC to enable scale. It brings together seasoned marketers, best in class processes, specially designed infrastructure for marketing services, and supported by modern marketing technology platform.

People: It is a Marketers’ World

Our marketers bring together a fine balance of creativity and technology. These modern marketers are poised to change the marketing world from ‘guesswork’ to data-driven marketing science. Together with clients, they co-create and deliver marketing excellence.

Clients have the choice of picking a marketer or a team of marketers in VMC, to execute on their marketing activities. Marketers with the right skillsets, experience, and domain know-how, are matched to specific needs of our clients.

Process: Driven by passion and backed by process

The structured processes are embedded with powerful templates to fast-track your marketing initiatives. Our pre-configured templates have been designed based on our extensive experience and operated on technology platform, to give that natural edge.

Clients get visibility through online tools on every process step, and are alerted on events. The VMC engages clients with the transparency of process, codified best practices, and time bound actions.

Platform: The marketing technology engine

Effectiveness of marketing programs are tracked on real-time, and act as guiding force for our marketers and clients. The cloud technology platform brings together powerful ‘marketing automation, program management, product marketing, planning, and social media tools’. Request for a demo of our marketing

The VMC experience is demonstrated through the platform, by the expert marketing teams, backed by strong process. Our global clients love the engagement and the control they experience, despite the virtual team of marketers spread across time zones.

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